Social Media Marketing Strategy: Let’s get the conversation going!

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How many hours do you spend browsing on social media? Research shows that people spend more than two hours a day using different social media platforms.

You might have noticed that most local businesses and big comapnies have given an equal share of importance to social media marketing. If you plan to start a new business or restructure your old one, social media marketing should be one of your marketing strategies.

Social media platforms act as an excellent medium for enhancing business growth, generating traffic, and improving conversion rates.

Are you planning to stay ahead of the curve and generate profitable leads? Our experts will conduct market research, find the right social media platform for your business, and create engaging content. We will also bring consistency to your brand, run targeted advertisements, and optimize them for you.

How can a Social Media Marketing Strategy help your business?

Social media plays a crucial role in building a healthier relationship with your target audience. By regularly sharing content on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, you will increase communications, thereby, interactions.

You can get the conversation going as well. However, it is essential to create quality content such as videos, animations, posts, etc. Our dedicated team of professional creators will generate shareable, likable, and commentable content.

With an increase in engagement rates, your business will gain higher exposure through social media platforms.

*Here are some excellent ways by which social media marketing can level up your business:

Enhancing brand awareness

Social media platforms is the best intermediary for creating brand awareness among your target audience. Whether you have a tiny business or a giant enterprise, you can utilize social media to administer recognition.

Did you know that 54% of users depend upon social media for product research?

Once your social media handles are consistent and active, you can enhance brand awareness and customer reach.

With social media, you can generate followers that match your manufacture, demographics, and interests. With our experience in field, we will help you grow your online presence without any hassle.

Improving revenue and profit

Social media offers numerous marketing options that can enhance revenue generation. With the right set of social media marketing strategies, you can extend your reach and generate higher profit.

As it is cost-effective and budget-friendly, social media platforms can help both small-scale and large-scale business firms. You can reach various audiences from diverse locations. However, it is essential to have a team with a profound understanding of social media marketing strategies. But don’t worry, you have knocked in the right door.

Building and maintaining trust

Creating trust among your target audience can assist in forming long-term relationships with your them. Furthermore, you can build and maintain confidence amid your followers on social media by sharing valuable content.

Some of your audience is most likely to become leads, then potential customers. They are the ones who will generate sales for your business. Our team will handle different social media platforms and build relationships with your followers on each one of them. By sharing authentic, informative, and entertaining content, we will take your business to attain consistent growth and profit.

Generate traffic and improve conversion rates

Social media platforms are the most excellent mediums that will divert your audience to your website. With campaigns that can drive traffic to your website, based on the content that you are sharing on your social media. You can also improve reach and traffic through these campaigns. Your search engine ranking can also increase if your social media handles play a role in driving traffic to your existent website.

How can ConnectIn help you with your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Channel Specific Services

Numerous social media platforms will help in growing your business, as it is essential to find the right channel for your business. Our experts can assist you with Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Snapchat marketing, TikTok marketing, Instagram marketing, and YouTube marketing. We will also optimize your profiles, posts, and advertisements, and keep them updated. We will improve your professional reputation and connect more potential customers to your website. From writing keyword-optimized descriptions to reviewing analytics, our team will get everything covered.

Content creation and publishing

Based on the type of social media you plan to share content with, it is primordial to optimize them by focusing on social media algorithms. It is equally necessary to schedule posts according to each social media platform. It can be quite complicated to manage these activities consistently and flawlessly, but with our years of experience in the field, we will walk you through this process without any trouble.

Social Media Management

Are you looking to increase your opportunities? We can work on that with the assistance of a skilled team of social media managers who can offer you valuable insights to accelerate your development. We will conduct in-depth audits and focus on increasing your trustworthiness, reach, and reputation.

Social Media Advertisements

To find and reach meaningful and personalized customers, it is essential to conduct social media advertisements. Yet, you have to create specific advertising strategies based on the social media platform you are sharing content on. They will attract new clients, increase conversion rates, and eventually improve sales.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are the most effective reach out and attract your target audience in a particular time frame. We will work on your social media campaigns to increase brand awareness through hashtags, posts, publications, images, and videos. We will also help in building an email marketing list that will drive website traffic as well as conversion.

Facebook / LinkedIn Ads Retargeting

Having personalized content for your audience is a plus point when it comes to social media marketing. Our team will create content advertisement for both Facebook and LinkedIn that will send your followers/readership to your website. By retargeting them to your platform, you will assuredly increase traffic, expand conversion rates, and of course, generate more revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Social Media Marketing Strategy

What social media platform should I use for my business?

It depends upon the type of business you run and where your target audience spends more time. However, a blend of different social media platforms can be the best option.

Do I need to post daily on social media platforms?

It varies from one social media site to another. The algorithms are different for each social media platform. However, it is optimal to post once every day. It can improve engagement rates.

Can I improve sales with social media marketing?

ABSOLUTELY, you can improve sales with the right set of social media marketing strategies. You can increase the traffic on your website and also enhance conversion rates.

What do you mean by promoted posts?

You can promote a post on social media by paying a nominal amount. It can enhance reach and engagement. It is best to run promoted posts when you are giving any special offers.

Would you like to know more on how you can grow your business with the right social media strategy?